Sport Fishing at Arenal Lake


This tour is about a catch-and-release fishing experience, in which anglers can pursuit the rainbow bass, a specie not that well known world-wide since it is extended along a limited area, making it a really exclusive catch. On the other hand, anglers may fish brycons which can be a challenging catch because this type of fish is combative. The moment a brycon bites your hook, this fish will start jumping out of the water and strongly pulling the rope, turning that experience into a very exciting one. Another species you might fish are the commonly known tilapias and the less ordinary tarpon, which can be really big if you are lucky enough to find one.

Our motorboats are equipped with gyratory boat seats, electric motors, fish finder, equipment for trolling and casting -two different fishing techniques- and life jackets. Our experimented guides will manage the circumstances of the day in order to raise the probabilities of catching fish. The lapses between each catch won’t be weary since the lake is located within a beautiful landscape where it’s possible to see the Arenal Volcano and the blue mountains of Monteverde. Also, this water body holds an interesting history that you might want to discover as well. Additionally, you might get to see a variety of aquatic birds.


  • Snacks or Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Bilingual Guide
  • Transportation
  • Fishing Gear



  • Pick up at Hotel

    Our team will pick you up at your hotel or lodging place. Pick up times vary depending on your location and it will be provided upon reservation but usually, it will be around 6:00 a.m.

  • Arenal Lake Dam Arrival

    Catch-and-release fishing starts upon arriving at the lake about 20 minutes after being picked up from your hotel. The duration of this part of the journey can vary from 4 to 8 hours depending on your preferences. The 4 hours format includes a snack and the 8 hours one, also will offer to you a lunch.

  • Good bye!

    After such experience together, we’ll drive you back to your hotel. “Hasta luego”!