This full day package’s objective is to show the highlights of Arenal by synthesizing some of the region’s musts in one day. Fitting perfectly in the schedule of those travelers who aren’t staying too long in Arenal region, it will make out the best of the visit.

To start, you can choose between the following two experiences according to your preferences: Hanging Bridges Hike or Safari Float.

NOTE: The combination with hanging bridges will do hiking at Arenal Conservation Area in the morning and bridges in the afternoon due to volume of occupation in both parks.

Hanging Bridges

Here you’ll find 2 miles of trails through rainforest, which includes 14 bridges from 5 to 100 m long. Some are over 70 meters high, giving you the chance to scrutinize the forest from a whole different perspective.  You might see toucans, monkeys, coatimundis, agoutis, and a vast array of species of birds from low and high lands. Additionally, you will come across a refreshing 60 feet waterfall. Plus, you may enjoy breathtaking views of the Arenal Volcano as you stand in the lookouts.

Safari Float

This is a 3 km trip where you will experience the wonders of the rainforest while you slide down the Peñas Blancas river in a safe raft. While you paddle, different animals such a monkeys, sloths, crocodiles, iguanas, and basilisks might show up as they look out the water or the tree branches. This adventure offers a completely different experience to explore the jungle.

La Fortuna Waterfall

The next wonderful experience of the morning will be La Fortuna River Waterfall. This place is located in the middle of a 210 hectares biological reserve -which is actually part of the Arenal Volcano National Park-, reason why, this place puts together an environment ideal for the sighting of different animal species like snakes, coatimundis and a variety of birds. This place also has an open-air butterfly garden, The Orchid Trail and a lookout point with a breathtaking view of the waterfall as it makes its way through the forest.

Later, you will head to the base of that impressive water body which jumps from a 210 feet crag, falling in a deep green pond. There, you’ll have the opportunity to swim in the fresh waters of La Fortuna River or simply let yourself be filled by the majesty of this amazing tropical oasis.

Arenal National Park Hike

After having a tasty lunch, we’ll drive to Lava 1968 Park facilities where the second part of the adventure will start. Once there the tour guide will talk about the natural and geological history of the magnificent Arenal volcano. While we hike along a 5km trail, we’ll open our way across the “coladas” -pyroplastic material erupted in the past- and primary forest, get to know the animals that might appear right aside our path and enjoy an impressive view of the volcano and Lake Arenal.

Relax at the Hot Springs

After having such a busy day, the perfect way to end the day is at the hot springs. However, you can find a wide variety of hot springs in the region. Even though you could have a wonderful time in any of them, each one has clear differences from the other, what means that there will be a place which is going to be the most accurate to your taste, reason why, in this package, you can select the hot springs you like the most. Dinner will be waiting in the place you choose as well.

You can choose between the following options:

  • Tabacón
  • Baldí
  • The Springs
  • Ecotermales
  • Paradise Springs




  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • All Entrance Fees
  • Bilingual Guide
  • Transportation
  • Water bottle



  • Pick up at Hotel

    Our team will pick you up at your hotel or lodging place around 7:30 a.m. Pick up times vary depending on your location and it will be provided upon reservation.

  • Activity 1

    After a 30 minutes ride, we’ll get to our next adventure which can vary depending on what you picked: Safari float or Hanging Bridges hike. In the first stage, safari will be the first experience of the day, which is going to last about 3 hrs. In the second one, due to parks ocupation, you’ll visit the Arenal Conservation Area first -where you’ll enjoy the nature for about 3 hrs- and Hanging Bridges will be the adventure done in the afternoon.

  • Activity 2: La Fortuna River Waterfall

    We’ll get to the facilities of La Fortuna River Waterfall around 11:00 a.m. Here, you will have about 1½ hr. to discover the wonders of this lovely place.

  • Lunch

    After such a busy morning, we’ll do a 1 hour break in order to rest and have a traditional lunch.

  • Activity 3

    In the first part of the afternoon, we’ll visit the Arenal Conservation Area or the Hanging Bridges according to the choice you made. In both cases, we’ll last around 30 minutes until we reach the place. At the Hanging Bridges awaits a naturalist hiking adventure which is going to last around 3 hours as we hike along 3 km. In the other hand, Arenal Conservation Area, will be a space to discover Arenal’s wonders along a 5km trail -duration of about 2½ hrs.-.

  • Activity 4: Hot Springs

    In about 20 minutes, we’ll head to the hot springs of your preference where you can relax and experience a deep tranquility for 2 hours.

  • Dinner

    To end the day, dinner will be available at the hot spring’s facilities.

  • Good bye!

    After such experience, we’ll drive 30 minutes back to your hotel. “Hasta luego”!



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