Palo Verde National Park by Puerto Humo


Guanacaste is a wide area, so moving from one region to another can be a little weary. However, Aventuras Arenal offers two accesses to Palo Verde National Park that will adjust better to the location of the hotel you are staying in. In order to maximize your experience please check which tour variant will be the best for you.

Folklore & Nature

The first part of our adventure will be an amusing 2 hours boat ride along the Tempisque river in which you will discover Palo Verde National Park´s wonders right at the edges of the river. This national park is the largest protected area in Guanacaste and possibly one of the most important ones in Central America. This place offers refuge and a temporary home for over 300 species of birds to nest and grow their chicks. Not to say about mammals, reptiles, amphibians and butterflies…

Palo Verde is definitely one of the richest places when we talk about wildlife and it is worth of be visited. You can find out more information about Palo Verde in this article.

When we get back to Aventuras Arenal’s facilities, we’ll have a delicious traditional lunch. Later, a vehicle will drive us to Guatil; one of the places that had best embraced the ancient art of pottery as performed by the indigenous tribe “Chorotegas” – who once had these lands for territory-. Here you’ll meet a group of women who still gather clay and sculpt pots, plates and figurines. They will give you a little hands-on workshop in which you’ll have the chance to prove your pottery making skills.

Our next stop will be Santa Cruz, which is one of the largest cities of Guanacaste and the richest in folklore. During our visit, you’ll meet the iconic park of Santa Cruz, the church where the Black Crist of Esquipulas hangs on it cross and you can to try a variety of traditional dishes such as the refreshing horchata and tanelas. These experiences will let you immerse into this culture and learn a lot of history from this amazing region.


  • Typical unch
  • Bilingual Guide
  • Transportation
  • Boat tour



  • Pick up at Hotel

    Our team will pick you up at your hotel or lodging place. Pick up times vary depending on your location and it will be provided upon reservation.

  • Puerto Humo Arrival

    After a ___ car ride, we’ll get to Aventuras Arenal’s facilities in Puerto Humo. Here, you can visit the restrooms, stretch your leghs and get prepared for the adventure.

  • Boat Safari

    The boat will navigate across the river for >>>> minutes until it reaches Birds Island, where several birds can be seen. A experimented guide will help you to spot the hidden animals as the boat slides down the river.

  • Lunch

    After such boat ride, a traditional lunch will be available at Aventuras Arenal’s facilities.

  • Guatil Arrival

    Once there, we’ll make a >>>> hours long stop. You’ll meet a group of women who still gather clay and sculpt pots, plates and figurines of animals and humans alike. They will teach you several culltural aspects and will test your pottery skills as you sculpt your own piece.

  • Santa Cruz Arrival

    Meet iconic places, get caught by the beauty of folklore and taste traditional dishes as you walk for >>> hours along the small town of Santa Cruz.

  • Good bye!

    After a amazing day, we’ll drive you back to your hotel for >>>> hours. “Hasta luego”!



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