Chocolate + Waterfall Adventure

Chocolate + Waterfall Adventure


The sweetest adventure in Arenal

Cacao’s importance is so big that it reaches the role of culture and national identity molders. Indeed, cocoa seed is a connection to our roots since it was used for different objectives by indigenous people from our country before the spanish colonization.  As a matter of fact, they considered this fruit, a gift from the Gods. In this tour you’ll get to know the history and the whole production process of chocolate step by step from harvesting the cacao fruit to the grinding process. Al this in a very interactive way, in which you will even create your own chocolate combinations.

A visit to the most scenic waterfall in the region

Once we get the chocolate energy, we’ll drive to La Fortuna Waterfall Reserve, where you’ll have the chance to enjoy a majestic 210 feet high fall. A five hundred meters downhill hike will lead you to the base of this impressive water body, where a “natural pool” awaits if you want to swim in the fresh water of La Fortuna river. Since this place is located in the middle of a 210 hectares biological reserve, you might spot a variety of animals as well.

Plus, there are some other attractions you might want to enjoy such as the open-air butterfly garden which is a very different concept from the covered ones since this garden in particular, respects and promotes butterflies’s and hummingbird’s role in the biological reserve ecosystem. Another attraction is The Orchid Trail where you will find a natural exhibition of around 150 different types. Here, you can learn about how amazing and peculiar are these plants. Lover of flora or not, orchid’s behavior will amaze every kind of person for sure.


  • Water Bottle
  • Entrance Fees
  • Bilingual Guide
  • Transportation



  • Pick up at Hotel

    Our team will pick you up at your hotel or lodging place around 8:00 a.m. or 14:00 p.m. Pick up times vary depending on your location and it will be provided upon reservation.

  • Chocolate Tour Arrival

    Approximately 30 minutes away from your hotel, we’ll get to the facilities where our sweet adventure will begin. You’ll be learning about chocolate and tasting it for the next 1½ hour.

  • La Fortuna River Waterfall Arrival

    Once we get the chocolate energy, we’ll drive a couple of minutes to La Fortuna River Waterfall facilities where we’ll start hiking along this reserve for 1½ hour.

  • Good bye!

    Back to La Fortuna, we’ll drive about 30 minutes back to your hotel. “Hasta luego”!