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Balsa River Rafting

$ 75.00

White Water Rafting in Costa Rica is not only about paddling! Combining amazing adventure and the magnificent Costa Rican nature it is a must for any visitor who likes to enjoy life at most.


Product Description

Balsa river rafting

White Water Rafting in Costa Rica is not only about paddling! All rivers have magnificent landscapes and an abundance of rainforests and wildlife. And the Balsa River is, without a doubt, not the exception!


As in all experiences of white water rafting in Costa Rica, this day will start with an early pickup and a safety talk, as well as getting you ready with your helmet, lifejacket, and paddle.

Then, you will glide gently by the river getting used to the raft and the gear and the waving movements of the river, giving you a tasting sample of what is to come.

The Balsa River glides through a beautiful luscious setting that will allow you to enjoy the exercise as much as the view! There are over 20 safe and fun rapids that will challenge you throughout the two hours that the tour lasts.


White Water Rafting in Costa Rica and La Fortuna will always give you great glimpses of monkeys, sloths, and a myriad of aquatic birds and in soothing warm waters that you can swim now and then.


You will also challenge yourself as you paddle through the rolling rapids with names like “Morning Coffee” and “Rock around the Croc” and then swim easily in tranquil river pools in this isolated rainforest river canyon!


Feel the warm breeze in your face as you see the tropical nature glowing in front of your eyes and get to remote places only reachable by this natural flow of water.


As you finish the adventurous part of the tour, you will be hungry and ready for a traditional lunch with vegetables and fruits as fresh as can be.


And cooked with the happy cook’s smile and the customary recipes of the Northern Plains of Costa Rica.


To end the day you will delight in an interactive Trapiche tour, where you will discover the ancient sugar cane process and taste the raw, delicious juice for dessert.

An excellent ending to a fantastic adventure!

Transportation Coverage Area

  • Transportation
  • Guides
  • Tropical fruit
  • Lunch

10:30 a.m. approx.


4 1/2 hours aprox.

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    Short pants or swimsuit
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    Sun block
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    Extra clothes


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