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Arenal Volcano Hike

$ 65.00

A “must do” tour in Arenal for sure! This amazing light hike will take you to the very base of the volcano (still at a safe distance), to witness the magnificence of the almost perfectly conical 5479 ft tall Arenal Volcano. This giant is active since 1968, and even though it has been calmer lately it’s an outstanding adventure.


Arenal Volcano Hike


Before the active period of 1968, a lavish canopy of vegetation covered the Arenal Volcano.  People that climbed Arenal’ s summit related that inside the crater there were big trees and at night, they slept in places where there was some heat due to small steam outlets.

Enjoy the most extraordinary view of the Arenal Volcano on a hike along the base and flanks of this giant on the Arenal 1968 park.  For this tour we have choose one of the park’s most extraordinary trails to the 1968 lava flows: the remaining memory of the 20th century first eruption and some other areas now in the process of regeneration.

During the hike, our well informed guides, will explain you all about the volcano: its activity periods, a little bit of history related to it and will show you some landmarks that has left over the years.


We love nature because is always unpredictable and every day surprises us. As an example, our guests in this hike have experienced a close approach to the wildlife of the place. Howler monkeys, sloths, wild pigs and many different species of birds such as toucans and hawks, just to mention a few ones, have had come to say hello along the walk.


Astonishing views, ear-catching information, unbelievable stories and the chance to meet the local wildlife, will remain as your favorite memories of Costa Rica after this tour with Aventuras Arenal.


  • Transportation
  • Naturalist guide
  • Water
  • Entrance fee


04 hours aprox.


8:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m


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    Hiking shoes
  • Raincoat
  • null
    Sun lotion
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