7 Experiences you must do in the Arenal Volcano area

7 Experiences you must do in the Arenal Volcano area. 

Find here 7 experiences you do not want to miss in the Arenal Volcano area. Either hiking, floating, relaxing or adventuring, this area is a fantastic place to spend your vacation.In the area of the Arenal Volcano, there are dozens of hiking trails in all sorts of environments and conditions:

caminata al volcan arenal / arenal volcano national park

Arenal Volcano area is a rare mixture of adventure, relaxation, wilderness, biological diversity, massive Earth forces and sublime beauty.

The richness of the area can make a traveler stay for a month without repeating an activity and always in awe at the multitude of experiences to live and enjoy.

Not only because of their abundance and charm but because all of them take you to gorgeous landscapes and unforgettable learning encounters.

Find here 7 experiences you do not want to miss in this area!  Your only regret will surely be not to stay longer!



In the area of the Arenal Volcano, there are dozens of hiking trails in all sorts of environments and conditions:

Some of them are strenuous and made for authentic extreme explorers, the kind of steep rainforest trail where you may find boot-sucking mud, and high steps made by a thousand tree roots.

Some of them are paved and flat and easy to walk.

And there are all sorts of different trails in between those two.

Find some of them here: Hiking tours or simply ask our experts about your preferences and get immediate insider’s expert advice.

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You may already know that the rainforest in the daytime can be very hot. Even under the canopy, the humidity increases the temperature feeling up to unbearable heat (Especially close to mid-day). Well! You are not alone in this perception! A lot of animals feel that way too! Especially mammals! (And some insects also).

And sometimes, the only way to see these nocturnal creatures is to go into the rainforest when it is already dark.

But beyond wildlife sightings, there is also something magical about the forest at night. Maybe the Milky Way in all its splendor is smiling from the clear skies, or perhaps the zillion sounds that fill the trees, hills, and mountains.

As you walk the rainforest at night, you may be able to understand why the original people of these lands saw the gods in all nature, as in the evenings is when the rainforest shows its mystical life.



For some of us, the words “hanging bridges” remind us of a risky, adventurous cocktail between Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Indiana Jones. However, the Hanging Bridges in Arenal Volcano area are extraordinarily safe, as well as one of the best ways to see the rainforest from a great and undoubtedly different perspective.

When you walk in these majestic aerial trails, you may get some of the best nature pictures ever, and see the wildlife from the tops.

See the humongous diversity of life above the jungle floor and enjoy the sounds of the forest from a birds point of view.


You can find them here: Hanging Bridges

girl - arenal hanging bridges / puentes colgantes arenal



Where to start here? You are looking at one of the most diverse areas in the World when talking about birds!

Here you can find from the usual, however amazing, Costa Rican typical species like tanagers, woodcreepers, and the keel-billed toucans to the rare White-fronted Nunbird, the Broad Billed Motmot or the impressive Great Curassow.

The tour guides of the area are not only passionate birders but also carry superb optical gear for you to confirm the target you are watching and put that wanted check mark on your list.

If you are into bird watching this is one of the most fantastic opportunities to enjoy the forest, the birds and the knowledge of the guides that make their passion their daily living.

And even if you are not a bird watcher, you may want to try it and find out why so many people in this crazy world is turning to the relaxation that this fantastic hobby brings.

birdwatching hike - bird costa rica / observación de aves en puentes colgantes



Known for being relaxing, curative, antioxidant, and a gift from nature, the hot springs in Arenal Volcano, are as varied as fantastic.

As you will find here: Arenal 4 in 1 there are several choices. From hot springs that your children and teenagers will enjoy at their best, with water slides and a variety of pools, to heavenly romantic landscaped areas, immersed in the sounds of nature and beauty.

And with the hot springs -as well as in several hotels in the Arenal Volcano area –  you will also find dozens of spas. And if there is a place to enjoy a massage is surrounded by tropical nature,with the howling monkeys roaring in the back.

hot springs, termales, relax



Either taking one of the Floating Tours such as Peñas Blancas River (Safari float), or choosing the fantastic day adventure of Caño Negro (Caño Negro boat tour) you will find that in Costa Rica the water courses are one of the most popular habitats for monkeys, sloths and some of the most exotic water birds like the Olivaceous Cormorant of the Jabiru.

Although, again, and going beyond the fantastic and quite frequent wildlife sightings, the magic of these rides is in the tranquility they give to their travelers.

Floating on a tropical river surrounded by nature has to be one of the top relaxing activities there are, as the gentle flow soothes your mind and enchants your soul.

safari floar rio peñas blancas



You may not know this, but rainforest ziplining was invented in Costa Rica, by biologists doing the investigation in the jungle tops (Instead of going up and down the trees they found that this would be a much faster and efficient way to do their research up on the canopy).

The area of the Arenal Volcano, has a wide range of canopy tours, because of its vast forests and its topography, that creates canyons and hills that make a perfect place for the enjoyment of this adventure.

In this adventure, you will also find from mild and smooth ziplining tours to more daring, more extended and higher ziplines.

zipline, canopy, arenal volcano, forest

Ask the experts of Aventuras Arenal and enjoy this unique experience!

There are many more activities than these in the Arenal Volcano area. Ask our experts about them, we are from the area and we know the good, the bad and the ugly.  Call us, chat with our experts and create an amazing vacation in this unlimited adventurous and beautiful area.

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