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Arenal Volcano and its surrounding are protected by law in this National Park. Several trails which head to the outskirts of the volcano or the border of Arenal Lake allow visitors to experience the rainforest and have access to beautiful landscapes and breathtaking sights.


You can visit to areas that were once destroyed by volcanic activity and are now in the process of regeneration, a hike through the “Coladas Trail” will take us all the way to experience what no long ago were lava flows. Nature, geology and volcano history all in the hands of our professional guides.


Arenal Volcano before the active period started on 1968 was covered by a lavish canopy of vegetation, the people who climbed Arenal’ s summit told that inside the crater there were big trees and they slept in places where there was some heat due to small steam outlets.


We want that you explore the top Arenal Volcano tours in Costa Rica, with the most beautiful volcano view. Come to Arenal and enjoy this adventure with Us.

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Wildlife agglomerates at the border of Frío River, as this place constitute a sanctuary for animals to stay away from the cattle farms and cultives that surround the Refuge.  One of the most bio-diverse places in Costa Rica for sure, where hundreds of birds, reptiles and mammals hang and hide among the branches of the trees.

Some birds are residents in the area and it is possible to see hundreds of them especially during the dry season.  Some of them are Anhinga or Snake – bird, Roseate Spoonbill, it is possible to see little groups of this bird eating in the surroundings of the river.  Wood Storks, the Jabiru, the largest bird in Central America and very endangered.

Also the Olivaceous Cormorant which nests in the area Along the river we can see howler monkeys, spider monkeys, white-faced monkeys, also the three-toed sloth and some reptiles like caimans, Jesus Christ lizard and turtles.

arenal volcano tours, birds in palo verde

Tempisque River is the coronary artery of Guanacaste. It irrigates most of the province including Palo Verde National Park wetlands, which offer refuge to thousands of migratory and resident birds. This wildlife cluster includes several more species of mammals, reptiles and amphibians, as well as 45,490 acres of dry forest and wetlands.


Scientists from all over the world come to study this rich ecosystem that combines rivers, marshland, mangroves and dry forest.


After boarding the boat, that will takes us up the river, we will be able to admire the natural beauty of this park, including wildlife; such as huge crocodiles resting under the sun, groups of monkeys moving quickly between the branches, while our boat takes you in a floating safari adventure through Tropical Forest.

Some birds are resident species plentiful in the area and it is possible to see hundreds of theme like: Anhinga or “Snake Bird”, Roseate Spoonbill, Wood Storks, the Jabiru, the largest bird in Central America and very endangered.  Also we can see the Olivaceous Cormorant, the White Ibis, Blue Herons and much more.

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Inside Tenorio Volcano National Park lies one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles. Celeste river is born in a place where the volcanic activity underneath produces changes and geological proceses that give a characteristic coloration to water. A huge waterfall and exuberant vegetation make this place an amazing landscape to see.

Mysterious and imposing, in the very bowels of the Tenorio Volcano, manifestations of hidden power transform the union of the Buena Vista and Roble rivers into a sky blue stream, giving birth to one of the most extraordinary phenomenon’s of nature: “Light Blue River”. Along the river we’ll find hot springs (not allowed to swim), bends of heavenly tranquillity and a waterfall of singular beauty, all surrounded by varied flora and fauna.

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